Sheet metal roof and cladding are available in several profile systems. Each profile has different attributes to suit different design intentions and applications. All these systems have the following advantages:-
  • Concealed-fixing, thus no fasteners are visible on the surface of the cladding.
  • Can be formed into irregular shape, suiting all sorts of roof geometry.
  • Security assurance because it cannot be simply lifted up or easily dismantled.
  • Allow thermal expansion and contraction movement of the metal sheet cause by temperature changes, thus eliminate detrimental thermal stress and wearing over time.
  • Clean, slim roof is made possible with these systems
Lockweltform Standing Seam, generically called Double Lock Standing Seam, it is formed by double folding the longitudinal joint of two pans to give a weatherproof covering. With a pan width of around 530mm and seam height of 25mm or 38mm, it presents a slim and neat character. This system can be tailor-made into various shapes, be it parallel, tapered, tapered & cured, or other irregular shapes. It is the most versatile profile among all metal roofs. Special technique is used when working with near-zero pitch roofs.
Shadowform Angle Seam is formed by single-folding the pan joint to get a more prominent linear texture on the roof / cladding. When sunlight cast onto the angle seam, the shadow of the angle seam gives a thick solid line to the surface. It is suitable for fascia, soffit ceiling, and façade cladding, giving an integrated system to the building envelope.
Battenform Rollcap is the choice for a strong and bold roof statement where it can also be installed harmoniously with the Lockweltform Standing Seam. With a specially crafted capping seam of 40mm width, Battenform Rollcap System creates a conspicuous contour  to the roof presenting a gallant appearanceto the building.
Shingleform Panels, generically called Flat Seam Panels, offered in various shapes and sizes, is tailored for an impeccable alternative to the norm of wall cladding. Four basic design offered are Diamond Design, Rhomboid Design, Herringbone Design and Brick-lay Design.

Diamond Design

Rhomboid Design

Herringbone Design

Brick-lay Design

Wall Paneling
Linearform Panels, or sometimes called Interlocking Panels, has a tongue and groove system whichconceals the fixing to cover unsightly screws. It does not require silicone to seal its gaps and suitable for wall cladding and soffit ceiling.