Built-up Systems

The roof build-up is governed by the functional and performance requirements of the building. The two most important factors are the thermal and acoustic requirements.
To understand each element better, please refer to our Principles of Roofing Physics Section.
Listed below are some of the common build-up systems for sheet metal roofing system with its corresponding approximate thermal transmittance (U-value) and approximate Sound Transmission Coefficient (STC value):

STC 50
U-value: 0.35W/m2K
Suitable for:
auditorium, convention hall, musical theater, airports
STC 45
U-value: 0.4W/m2K
Suitable for:
Multipurpose hall, shopping complex, hospital, home-theater roof, studio
STC 35
U-value: 0.5W/m2K
Suitable for:
offices, school, university, institutional building
STC 30
U-value: 0.5W/m2K
Suitable for:
residential houses, bungalows, food-court