About Us

Translated from ‘Roof & Wall’ in German, Dach&Wand is a manufacturer and specialist installer of premium architectural roof and façade cladding.

Instead of the monotonous design of conventional metal roof & cladding, we provide Architects and Designers better choice of systems using premium materials.

We stand firmly in providing a comfortable and beautiful sanctuary through educating, knowledge-sharing and adoption of the latest European techniques.

We strive to convert challenging designs into fundamentally feasible realities by initiating and resourcing from our vast library of knowledge, experience, finest machinery and hand-crafting tools.

What makes us unique?

  • Being a manufacturer and specialist installer, we know the systems and materials inside out and can provide the best recommendation tailored to the specific project
  • Provides full design details, facts finding and other technical support
  • Fast response on problem solving
  • Price competitiveness
  • Being not tied-up with any brand and supplier, by being neutral can we continously share and recommend quality products relative to cost that can best suit your needs